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Reportage, spontaneity or posed? For me it is important to take back reality, how you do it does not count.

I'm Alessandro Giraldi Photographer, I have a photographic studio in Rome and I deal with wedding photo shoots. My photographic style? Today, not talking about reportage or spontaneity, for a wedding photographer in Rome, can seem almost blasphemous. What differentiates a photographer is the ability to see what others do not see and, therefore, the question I asked myself is: with my wedding photographs do I want to see and bring back spontaneity or reality? Well, I answered the question by choosing the second one, especially in this time where one seeks everything but reality. Yes, it may seem strange to you, but reality and spontaneity in the context of the phases of the wedding photo shoot, so from shooting to printing, often do not coincide, especially for the post production and photo retouching phase, which I tend to limit to the bare minimum. I believe so much in this thing that, in order to affirm it, I decided to offer affordable wedding photography services, but without making you give up on quality and professionalism. I don't want to bore you over with my "chat" 😉, so I let my wedding photos in Rome talk.

- Professional Photographer FOR 10 YEARS with VAT number 11047121006
- Certificate N ° -F-1404001 - Photographer certified according to UNI 11476 "Professional figures operating in the field of photography and related visual communication - Requirements for knowledge, skills, competence".
- Member of Tau Visual - "National Association of Professional Photographers.
- Attendance at the course Photographers and videographers Liturgical Office of the Vicariate of Rome, born from the need to restore liturgical order and respect during the wedding ceremony.
- Photography teacher at various educational facilities.

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